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Every week I seem to hear about a new venture incubator or accelerator program in Vancouver. This could be good news for entrepreneurs or the sign of a saturating sector! In the meantime, here’s a list of the resources that have come to my attention. If you have used any of these services or know of other programs, do let me know in the comments.

  1. Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub – cohort model, accepted 7 ventures in its inaugural program for 2013.  Focus:  social innovation, social entreprise
  2. Institute B accelerator and BSpoke Consulting – founded by ex-Lululemon senior executives, accelerator, launched business consulting arm in February 2013.  Focus:  retail, apparel, green business, social purpose businesses, changemakers
  3. RADIUS – initiative of SFU, RADIUS is RADical Ideas, Useful to Society, a social innovation lab and incubator where students, communities and educators come together to develop and grow creative solutions to tough social problems.  Focus:  social innovation, social enterprise
  4. HiVE incubator – presently fundraising for a “Non-Profit Incubator”, a lot like a hospital incubator, that will take non-profits from their infancy to establishing an organization with a well-developed foundation so that they can have a real chance to make a difference in the world.  Focus:  not-for-profits, social enterprise
  5. Sanotron – accelerator for digital health entrepreneurs, anticipated to be a 9-month cohort model.  Focus:  technology/ digital media, health
  6. Invoke Labs – product incubation arm of Invoke Media, providing incubation services to technology startups with compelling ideas.  Focus:  technology/ digital media
  7. Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives – working with people under 35 to build social enterprises, co-ops, non-profits and a different way of doing business.  Focus:  co-operatives, not-for-profits, social enterprises

If you know of other incubators and accelerators – as a candidate, operator, or otherwise – do get in contact with me or leave a message in the comments.  Thank you!