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I’m very excited to be attending the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 10th Anniversary gala this evening.  The FWE is one of the leading support networks and incubators of women-led enterprises in Canada and I’m pleased to be contributing something to the silent auction this evening.  The theme is Sparkle and there will undoubtedly be silent auction goodies ranging from jewellry that sparkles to wine that sparkles.   And although I don’t produce any of those in my business, I am offering a 1-hour consultation on investment style and strategy for any woman interested in learning about angel investing and a 1-hour consultation on financing strategy for a woman entrepreneur.  We may do either or both of those consultations over a glass of sparkling wine or sparkling fruit juice in keeping with the FWE’s theme!  I have done many 1-to-1 consultations before and have provided strategic advice on investing and financing – the results always help my clients make progress.  So if you’re coming to the gala tonight, check out the silent auction – it could help you make your investments or your enterprise a sparkling success!