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Integrated Investing

Balancing financial skills with an ethical mindset and intuition is challenging in an increasingly complex world and market. Integrated Investing offers an insightful methodology and practice for making investment decisions that reap rewards while matching your values.

Developed over more than two decades’ experience in finance, investment banking and venture capital, Foley-Wong’s tools will shift your perspective about the relationship between money and social good, while techniques will help you to evaluate investments in high-stakes situations. The result? You will learn to make savvy investments time and again that meet your goals while also benefiting your community and planet.

Radical yet practical, provoking and empowering, Integrated Investing is a must read for anyone with the desire for a better world, and a dollar to create it.

About the Author
Bonnie Foley-Wong is the founder of Pique Ventures, an impact investment and management company, and Pique Fund, an angel fund focusing on leadership diversity and women-led ventures. She has made and financed over $1 billion of alternative investments in Europe and North America. Having grown up in a working-class family, education had the biggest impact on her life. She strongly believes in empowering people with knowledge to make better and more mindful investment decisions.

Foley-Wong is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and a CFA charterholder. She presently resides in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and young daughter.

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“Bonnie Foley-Wong’s new book is for anyone struggling to identify and integrate their values with their investment decisions. An interesting examination of the motivations behind our investment choices and their potential impact.”

– Deb Abbey, CEO, Responsible Investment Association

“Bonnie finds herself at a historical moment when traditional investing is trying to give way to something new. Her invitation to a more integrated and fully human thought process around investing can “change the game” for the better. In fact, she challenges us to see investing not as a game of numbers, but as an opportunity to express and realize our deepest values, both those of the investor, and by extension, that in which she invests. Read this, reflect, and be inspired for our future.”

– Andy McCarroll, Board of Directors – Criterion Institute, General Counsel – Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.

“As Abraham Maslow identified a hierarchy of personal development needs in 1943, Bonnie Foley-Wong has created a new hierarchy of investment and financial needs in her book “Integrated Investing.” She clearly articulates the eleven reasons why we invest (“status, power, leadership, connection, security, future consumption, preparation for obsolescence, innovation, legacy, making decisions, and exchange”), but then takes the discussion a step further to explore “impact” investing, which has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years thanks to changes in demographics and the looming generational wealth transfer. This book is a must read for any investor interested in “doing good while doing well.”

– Meredith Jones, author of the award-winning Women of The Street: Why Female Money Managers Generate Higher Returns (And How You Can Too)

Integrated Investing

Impact Investing with Head, Heart, Body, and Soul

Integrated Investing is the methodology and practice for making mindful investment decisions for a better world.

Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Whether as an investor in Pique Fund, as a partner of Pique Ventures, or through the practice of Integrated Investing, we help people invest to help create a better world.

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Integrated Investing
Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Whether as an investor in Pique Fund, through Pique Ventures' services, or through the practice of Integrated Investing, we help people invest to help create a better world.

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