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In 2017, I was motivated to read more books to build my knowledge and skills. I’m a financier turned entrepreneur, not only investing in emerging CEOs, but also growing into my own CEO role. I read books about CEOs and about how they built successful companies. I also read books that piqued my curiosity, I finished books that I had thought about for a long time and never finished, and I managed to read one book of science fiction. I had not been much of a book reader in recent years, but I finally made the commitment in 2017 to have at least one book on the go and to try to read every evening. I read 10 books in 2017 (pales in comparison to some of the book summaries of people that I follow – Susan Fowler read 52 books, Danielle Morrill read 83 books! How is that even possible? Audiobooks it turns out.) I am going to aim to read more than 10 books in 2018, but I’m also aiming for quality over quantity. I’m aiming to fully digest the information I read and think about how I can apply it. I’m hoping to immerse myself in the stories and let my mind wander creatively.

Inspired by Hunter Walk’s running post, Books I Read In 2018, I’ll keep track of the books I read in 2018 here, starting with:

  1. Smarter, Faster, Better – Charles Duhigg – I juggle a few businesses that I invest in, manage, and advise. On top of that there is personal and professional development, mentoring, speaking opportunities, and life! A goal for me in 2018 is to work smarter and be more productive. Smarter, Faster, Better is an easy read and pleasant reminder of some the techniques employed by highly productive people and teams.
  2. Currently reading: Drawdown – Edited by Paul Hawken


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