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As of the end of February this year, Pique Fund proudly has 17 individuals in its investor community.

Of its 17 investors, 7 people divested of other investments in their RRSPs* and invested in Pique Fund. Investors were echoing similar sentiments – the money was either sitting around in cash doing not much or the money was in funds that weren’t performing for the investor.

The common theme? Investors had existing RRSP investments that were not performing financially or impactfully or in some cases, both. So investors were looking for other opportunities to put their investment dollars to work and have the chance for better financial and impact outcomes. Divesting of investments that aren’t meeting your goals and impact investing in things that do is one strategy for finding the money to angel invest.

* RRSP stands for Registered Retirement Savings Plan, the retirement savings program that exists in Canada and enables individuals to get tax benefits from setting aside money for their retirement.

{photo credit, featured image: Wilfred Iven}