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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak with Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton at Business in Vancouver. I joined them on their radio program on Roundhouse Radio to chat about Integrated Investing.

  • Integrated Investing started with some questions around how investment decisions were being made.
  • People were telling me that they wanted different investment outcomes, but they weren’t making their decisions any differently.
  • I wondered how can we make decisions so that we can achieve the financial and impact outcomes so that we can create a better world.
  • Integrated Investing challenges the traditional notion of maximizing shareholder returns and instead focuses on taking care of the village. So the concepts behind Integrated Investing are about optimizing taking care of the village.
  • We witness people choose career paths differently so that their financial needs are met as well as do things that align with their values and we’re starting to see that happen more with people’s investment dollars.

Listen to the full radio interview here on BIV on Roundhouse Radio.