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Interested investing in entrepreneurial women and women-led businesses or learning about supporting women entrepreneurs?   Here are some top organizations that you should get familiar with:

In Canada

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs   …”is a community of bold female entrepreneurs and dynamic supporters who connect through events, education, and mentorship to build wildly successful businesses.”  FWE launched in 2002 and since then has supported over 100 women entrepreneurs and their business through their e-series enterprise development program.  With two other entrepreneur programs, a mentor program, a peer networking forum, and events throughout the year, FWE provides tools, energy, education and support to all women, encouraging them to become wildly successful entrepreneurs. @fwebc

Women Entrepreneurs – Financing Opportunities for Growth What began as a research project funded by the Status of Women Canada, the WE Community is now in its pilot stage, helping nine women entrepreneurs through the next stage of growth for their businesses. @wecommunityca

In the United States

Criterion Ventures – Women Effect Investments Initiative “Women Effect Investments is a field-building initiative that seeks to mobilize more investment dollar toward improving the condition of women and girls worldwide.”  As part of their Convergence series of conferences and ecosystem conference calls throughout the year, Criterion Ventures convenes international leaders, practitioners, professionals, and entrepreneurs annually to discuss and further the field of investing with a gender lens. @CriterionVent

Astia …”is a global not-for-profit organization built on a community of men and women dedicated to the success of women-led, high-growth ventures and to the eradication of the need for the organization within the decade.”  With more than 1,500 volunteer members of the Astia Advisor Network in the US, Europe, and India, Astia is helping to build women leaders and accelerate funding and growth of high potential women-led businesses. @astiaglobal

Pipeline Fellowship …”trains women philanthropists to become angel investors through education, mentorship, and practice”.  The first group of Pipeline Angels graduated from the program in 2011 and programs are running in New York and Boston in 2012. @pipelinefellows

Golden Seeds …”is an investment firm dedicated to delivering above market returns through the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and the people who invest in them.”  The Golden Seeds Angel Network “was the third most active in the US in 2011 with 10 new investments, 10 follow ons, and $10million invested.”  76% of the angel network is represented by women angel investors. @goldenseeds

In the UK

Ogunte …”is a Social Innovations Development company focused on women-led social ventures.”  In addition to their capacity building services, events, and business development tools, Ogunte is running their second Make A Wave Pre-Incubator Program in 2012 to give women innovators and entrepreneurs access to coaches, experts, and resources they need to take their enterprise to the next level. @ogunte