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Building a new venture in the investment field is no small feat.  Neither is building an investment ecosystem.  So I now have some help!

Dawn Bowles, herself an experienced entrepreneur, has joined Pique Ventures as a Commercialization & Investment Readiness Advisor.  Dawn has been “in the trenches”, having started, built, and raised investment capital for DreamBank.  We have been meeting with entrepreneurs together and I can see the trust between Dawn and the entrepreneurs established quickly because Dawn has been in their shoes.  Have a look at the People section on our website to read more about her or you can meet Dawn in person.  She and I are hosting Office Hours on Tuesday, February 19th:

25-minute Advisory Session with Bonnie or Dawn from Pique Ventures

When: Tuesday February 19th, 2-3:30pm
Where: HiVE Vancouver #210-128 West Hastings Street or via Skype

If you’ve been wondering what your next steps are to get funding or other resources to start or grow your business, book a session with us during Office Hours.  Come prepared to share relevant information so we can make the most of the session:  i.e. your ventures’ stage, (seed stage, prototype, revenue producing), funding received to date, anticipated funding needed, next 3 milestones and top challenge or need at the moment.

A total of 6 sessions available this month – book your spot with Dawn here or Bonnie here.

Pique Ventures @ Ubizo

Dawn is also participating in Ubizo as a mentor (hosted by good friend and coach, Lisa Princic, Ubizo is a one-day event, where entrepreneurs can work through their most challenging business problems and learn new strategies from high-level mentors and peers).  We love what Lisa and Ubizo are doing to support entrepreneurial people and their businesses – it’ll be another opportunity for you to access the resources they need to progress their business and a chance to find out how we might be able to work together.