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As the manager of Pique Fund, through my company, Pique Ventures, I get to work with some amazing people. My latest collaboration makes me really happy and excited. Pique Fund has teamed up with FrontFundr, an innovative financial technology platform that bridges the gap between investors and early-stage private companies, to make investing in impactful, BC-based companies even easier.

For the past three years, Jill Earthy and I have been crossing paths and working towards similar objectives – working with leaders, supporting entrepreneurs – in particular women entrepreneurs, and moving money. Jill joined Pique Fund as a founding shareholder in 2014 and it sparked the beginning of a conversation about women’s leadership as investors and increasing access to information, resources, and actionable opportunities to invest and support other entrepreneurs.

So when Jill joined FrontFundr as Chief Growth Officer in October 2015, an amazing opportunity revealed itself. I was looking for the right people to help spread the word about Pique Fund. In the investment industry, it can’t be just anyone marketing to investors. Only companies registered as exempt market dealers can promote and market private investments like the opportunity to invest in Pique Fund. That’s where FrontFundr comes in – not only have they embraced technology to make investing more visible and accessible, they are also a registered exempt market dealer.

I love the contemporary design and the convenience of their platform. (Our offer on FrontFundr is now over, but we still have a profile on Prospect Lounge). Jill’s alignment with Pique Fund’s mission to elevate women in business speaks for itself. It’s refreshing to work with Peter-Paul van Hoeken, FrontFundr CEO. Perhaps it’s that he, like me, is also an entrepreneur in the investment industry. Or maybe it’s his progressive leadership. The entire FrontFundr team has been a pleasure to work with so far – which is a great start because we have a lot of hard work ahead of us!

Join us on this adventure. If you’re interested in putting your investment dollars into something with the potential for financial returns and impact, managed by a progressive team that’s a fresh perspective in the industry, contact me about investing in Pique Fund – bonnie [at]

Pique Ventures helps investors make an impact by integrating the critical information investors need to make effective, risk-managed decisions. We manage Pique Fund and also provide products and services such as deal origination, venture evaluation, due diligence, and fund development.

Pique Fund is an impact investment fund where you can make a difference with your investment dollars, in the company of other like-minded people. You can also read more about Pique Fund here.