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In January 2019, Pique Ventures hosted its annual investor and community event to celebrate the meaningful connections and purposeful investment activities experienced over 2018. We welcomed members who were newer to the Pique community and those who were curious about our approach to impact investing.

Some of the discussions in the room explored how Pique Ventures continues to build a community that supports women founders and promotes leadership diversity. Others discussed ways to fix the currently broken VC structure, to shift it towards an ecosystem that supports sustainable and enduring growth over quick exits.

A reminder of some of the things from 2018 that we’re celebrating:

  • Portfolio company Beanworks, led by CEO Catherine Dahl, successfully raising a $10 million Series B round, in which Pique Fund participated with follow-on investment.
  • Pique Ventures selected to participate in Canada’s Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative, providing anchor investment for our second venture fund, Pique Fund 2.
  • Pique Ventures CEO Bonnie Foley-Wong, recognized for her leadership in entrepreneurship & innovation by the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards.
  • We hosted our first annual CEO summit for our portfolio company leaders.
  • We welcomed new investors to Pique Fund and as of January 2019, we now have 41 investors, 32 of which are women, representing 80% of the fund’s capital.

We believe building relationships are especially powerful in the venture capital industry and that it is important to bring together people with diverse perspectives. Essentially, it is our connection to one another that gives meaning to what we are doing, and by hosting events as such to bring together investors, founders, partners, and industry professionals to get to know one another and network, we are fueling positive change in the venture capital industry.


To learn more about how we invest in women-led businesses and help investors achieve impact and returns through Pique Funds, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

About Pique Ventures
Pique Ventures is an impact investment and management company. Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Integrated Investing is a proprietary investment decision-making methodology to help create a better world and was developed specifically to evaluate impact and early-stage ventures.