Although women represent 58% of analyst roles in venture capital, “with each step up the “staircase” of seniority, representation of women [in venture capital] is cut in half” according to a report by Female Funders and Hockeystick. At Pique Ventures, we invest in leadership diversity. Through our funds, we’re investing in a diverse community of leaders building companies that care, connect, and protect. We are also interested in leadership diversity in many other aspects – such as within the tech workforce, on management teams, and in the VC industry itself. We’re proud to announce that we’ve grown our team this year. Please give a warm welcome to our new Analyst, Debbie Pai. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and in this blog post, she shares her experience of her first day at Pique Ventures.


Before landing this job, I did my own research on the Venture Capital Industry: I learned that less than 14% of the partners at Canada’s most active VC funds are women, that although there are women represented in the VC firms (at non-investing roles or in the HR department), only 8% of the senior investment teams are represented by women, and most of all, the majority VC firms in North America today still lacked both gender and ethnic diversity in their investment teams. Seeing that Canada has a relatively small VC market of $3.1 Billion (compared to $89.3 Billion in the US), it is natural to assume that there are limited opportunities in this field for new hires, not to mention that Western Canada is still a growing market in terms of VC investments compared to Eastern Canada. Yet, regardless of all the information I found, I was determined to make it into the Venture Capital space and change the current gender imbalance. Fortunately, it happened. With that said, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to join Pique Ventures and work alongside Bonnie Foley-Wong.

I have always dreamt of working at a mission-driven business, a tech startup, and a venture capital firm, and as wild as that dream was, it came true in February 2019. I joined Pique Ventures – an impact investment and management company that invests in technology ventures, with a focus on tech for good and leadership diversity.

My first day at Pique was very eventful! I was onboarded with a warm welcome by Bonnie who walked me through the company’s focus on technology and leadership diversity, the criteria for each fund and the holistic view of the impact lens. While discussing the topic of leadership diversity, she brought up that we are to meet The Right Honourable Maryam Monsef – the Minister for Women and Gender Equality – for lunch. Bonnie believed that having more young women join the roundtable conversation promotes best practices of leaders cultivating future leadership and therefore invited me to join in on the meeting. And she was right – it was such an eye-opening experience. (I will be posting my experience from meeting Minister Monsef in the next blogpost if you’re interested to read more).

Working at an impact investment firm so far has been a great learning experience. To acquire insights regarding the startup operations, to manage pipelines/ deal flow in a junior position, and to attend events and connect with C-suite industry professionals is a fantastic opportunity to learn business first handedly. I wish more new university graduates have the opportunity to learn about the VC industry. Again, I am thankful that Pique Ventures is giving me this opportunity to get involved and I can’t wait to deep dive into the world of Venture Capital and be a part of this engine that increases venture capital to women-led, tech for good businesses!


This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Digital Skills for Youth, as part of the Youth Employment Strategy.

Le financement de cette initiative est fourni par le gouvernement du Canada par l’entremise de l’Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada – Programme de compétences numériques pour les jeunes dans le cadre de la Stratégie emploi jeunesse.

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