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Pique Ventures invests in a community of diverse leaders creating technologies with long-term utility and companies that care, connect, and protect.

Our Impact Lens

We invest in ventures that improve access to essential resources.

To us, impact investing is about taking care of the village – and the village is us, the planet, and future generations. We believe positive impact happens when we improve access to the essential resources we all need to survive, thrive, and be happy.

As the future of work changes and employment becomes more precarious, we’re looking for entrepreneurs and ventures that believe in shared prosperity, that create high quality jobs and supply chain opportunities. We invest in leadership diversity, with an emphasis on women-led ventures.

We want to support impact-focused ventures be more business savvy and be economically viable and help financially-lucrative businesses be more impact-oriented.

In brief, we consider 6 categories of Essential Resources: Sustenance, Expression, Connection, Managing Change, Making Decisions, Means of Exchange.

And 6 types of access: Basic, Efficient, Choice, Convenient, Supply Chain, Employment.

To learn more about our impact lens and the concept of access to essential resources, read this introduction or you can read more in the book, Integrated Investing.

Our Diversity or Gender Lens

At least 3 out of every 4 ventures we invest in will have a female CEO. Pique Ventures will invest in male-led ventures, however they must have a diversity and inclusion strategy or want to implement one. We are also interested in the intersectionality of diversity and want to invest in minority and underrepresented founders. We measure diversity across our portfolio’s workforce and management teams, and are starting to capture diversity data on our companies’ customers (decision-makers and end users of technology), supply chain, and cap table.


Pique Ventures invests at early and late seed stage (i.e. after friends and family, alongside angel investors and other seed stage funds). Ventures must be generating revenue (i.e. have customer validation) for consideration.

Geographic Location

Our first fund, Pique Fund, invests in ventures based in British Columbia, Canada.

Our second fund, Pique Fund 2, will invest across Canada and the US Pacific North West (in practice that means BC, Toronto, Waterloo, Seattle, Portland, and we will consider other areas in Canada and the US Pacific North West).

Industries and Themes

We invest predominantly in enterprise SaaS companies that:

  • Care – such as digital health
  • Connect – such as marketplaces and companies using social network technologies in their business model
  • Protect – such as enterprise resource planning, risk management, software solutions contributing to climate solutions

As our impact lens is focused on improving access to essential resources, we are increasingly interested in logistics technologies that optimize resource allocation. By resources, we mean everything from goods and services to energy to knowledge, information, time, and connections.

Our Intake Process

We have a continuous intake process. If you believe your venture meets our criteria, please complete our Intake Form. We receive a lot of referrals and inquiries and we’re a small team. We are trying our best to respond personally to every inquiry, but sometimes we are unable to provide a timely response or any feedback.

Current status: we are focused on completing due diligence on some opportunities for Pique Fund and raising Pique Fund 2. We are receiving inquiries for consideration from Pique Fund 2, but are not currently investing out of that fund. As soon as Pique Fund 2 is open to invest, we will update this post. Our first 1-2 investments out of Pique Fund 2 are most likely to be in Canada and in women-led ventures.

Thank you for your interest in working with Pique Ventures.

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If you’re an entrepreneur building a venture that meets Pique’s investment criteria above, please feel free to submit your details through our Intake Form.

About Pique Ventures

Pique Ventures is an impact investment and management company. Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Integrated Investing is a proprietary investment decision-making methodology to help create a better world and was developed specifically to evaluate impact and early-stage ventures.