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Pique Ventures is growing up fast and right before my eyes.  What started as an exploration around how to move more capital towards purposeful business, and developed into the beginnings of an investor network, is now emerging as an investment ecosystem.

Whilst I was planning and testing in the early stages of Pique Ventures, I envisaged an intentional investment ecosystem.  Following observation and feedback before, during and after the first investor event I hosted in November 2012, I understood the gravity of the situation.  Investors want and need investable opportunities and the support and resources to help them evaluate and make decisions about investing.  Entrepreneurs want and need investment capital, people, and resources to help them realize their ventures.  Both are inter-related and inter-dependent and so we are putting both under the Pique Ventures umbrella – Investment Network and Investment Readiness.

Pique Ventures Investment Network is where people demonstrate leadership as investors, in a fun and social environment.  We focus on bringing investors together – to share with and learn from each other’s investment and business experiences.  We curate a selection of entrepreneurs and promising ventures to meet with investors at our uniquely intimate and conversational Investment Events held quarterly.  Whilst we do not advise on nor recommend specific investment opportunities, we do specialize in Integrated Investing tools and methods to help investors make complex decisions around investing in ventures that strive to be both profitable and purposeful.

Pique Ventures Investment Readiness is where entrepreneurs get clarity about their venture and the path their venture is on.  We provide advice and access to a wide range of resources and advisors to support entrepreneurs and help develop their ventures.  We help entrepreneurs commercialize their ventures or get them ready for investment.  As an entrepreneur, you might approach us seeking investment capital.   However, we may see that you need support and development in a specific part of building your business – such as your business model, going to market and getting customer validation, or perhaps you need your financial projections and acumen strengthened – before an investor would consider the opportunity.  Perhaps you need help communicating the story, outcomes, and opportunity about your venture.  Or maybe you need some coaching to be the CEO in whom an investor would be willing and confident to invest.

At Pique Ventures we are building the paths leading investors and entrepreneurs to each other.