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“All-women teams received just $1.9 billion of the $85 billion total invested by venture capitalists last year, according to data on the from M&A, private equity, and VC database PitchBook. That’s equal to about 2.2% of 2017’s total pot. Meanwhile, all-male teams received about $66.9 billion—roughly 79%.” (Source: Fortune, 2017)

Bold ideas need bold support. And Bonnie Foley-Wong, CEO of Pique Ventures, is hoping to find it at VC Unlocked.

Having successfully getting through a competitive application process, Bonnie has the rare opportunity to access and connect with leaders from a global network affiliated with Stanford University and 500 Startups. She was accepted to attend VC Unlocked and through this program, she hopes to help hundreds of women and underrepresented entrepreneurs get funded by:

  • finding aligned partners and potential investors,
  • getting help, support, and mentorship,
  • learning how she can manage and lead Pique better and therefore better support for entrepreneurs like you.

In 2014, having been an accomplished financier with over 20 years of experience, Bonnie Foley-Wong launched Pique Ventures’ first fund, as she experienced a lack of leadership diversity in the venture capital industry. Pique Fund invested in 7 women-founded tech ventures in BC with the backing of 41 investors – 32 of which are women, representing 75% of the capital; and around a third of our investors identify themselves as people of colour.

These are some of the women in tech we have helped:

  • Jessica Pautsch – who is using technology to divert food waste from landfill and reducing CO2 emissions at FoodMesh.
  • Jennifer Li Chiang – who is disrupting influencer marketing at MuseFind.
  • Christine Sommers – who is innovating how we connect and find each other during emergencies at ePACT Network.
  • Catherine Dahl – who is disrupting accounting software at Beanworks.
  • Dr. Alexandra Greenhill – who is leveraging technology to make care patient-centred and collaborative at Careteam.

Pique Ventures’ aim is to invest in companies that reduce inequalities and level the playing field, and by doing so, we invest in more companies that help make our planet and natural resources last longer and for future generations.

While tackling the big problems, Pique has also inspired others to invest in and with impact.

We’ve helped and championed entrepreneurs through big changes, tough decisions, and success on their terms. It’s through Pique’s business model that Bonnie is able to provide help and advice to people who don’t have the resources nor experience yet.

At Pique, we aim to help many more underrepresented entrepreneurs and thus, Bonnie will soon be attending #VCUnlocked, a competitive program led by Stanford University faculty members and 500 Startup founders to leverage her capabilities to help more entrepreneurs.

“The world is diverse, and having a professional team that mirrors the world is going to be more helpful for us.” – Aileen Lee, Cowboy Ventures

At Pique Ventures, we believe we can use venture capital for economic development. We see investing as a tool to make the world a better place. Help us move money more purposefully while investing in leadership diversity – let’s make this happen together.

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Please support our fundraising campaign and by being one of the first people to back our CEO, Bonnie Foley-Wong, within the first 10 days of the campaign (May 6-16), as a THANK YOU, we will send you a free ebook version of Bonnie’s book, Integrated Investing as well as ebook copies of her upcoming books Capitalize (a book to help entrepreneurs raise capital) and What Counts (a book disrupting impact measurement) (working titles).

About Pique Ventures

Pique Ventures is an impact investment and management company. Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Integrated Investing is a proprietary investment decision-making methodology to help create a better world and was developed specifically to evaluate impact and early-stage ventures.