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It’s not too late to say Happy New Year – certainly not until the end of January, at which point it is still not too late as we prepare to celebrate Lunar New Year and the Year of the Horse.

2014 is already off to an exciting and busy start, but before I share news about what’s in store for this new year, I want to reflect on 2013. It was the year that much of the discovery from 2012 and foundation I laid started to come to fruition. I launched version 1.0 of my Integrated Investor Training as “Activist Angels” in collaboration with Servane Mouazan of Ogunte and I incorporated the Pique Ventures fund. Capital raising for the fund is well underway and I had the pleasant news of verbal commitment from my first investor in time for the holidays.

The year started with a consulting engagement with Purpose Capital, an impact investment firm based in Toronto, and was rooted in a long-term contract with Invoke Labs, a business building company created by the founders of HootSuite. I enjoyed working with Keith Ippel, the former Managing Director of Invoke Labs, so much so that I’ve co-founded an activator for purposeful businesses with him. The new venture will work closely with Pique Ventures and provide dealflow – look out for the official announcement in March.

Just as I did at the close of 2012, I did an infographic to capture all the exciting developments and collaborations that made 2013 such a fun and fruitful year. Take a look!

PV 2013 Infographic-01