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Thank you for contacting Pique. We get a lot of requests for advice – ranging from capital raising to career advice in impact investing, asking us to share our experience and views on impact investing.

We cannot respond to every request. However, here are some resources that you may find helpful:

  • I actively respond to questions on Quora. Your question about impact investing, venture capital, angel investing, or entrepreneurship may already be answered by me or others in this community.
  • I occasionally accept requests for calls on Clarity. Book a time to speak with me there.
  • I wrote a book called Integrated Investing, which contains great techniques, tools, and resources for impact investment decision-making. Check it out!
  • I occasionally accept requests for Office Hours. These are 15-minute calls, usually on a Friday.
    • Currently available for Office Hours? Yes, book a time here.
    • Currently unavailable for Office Hours.
  • I am more likely to respond to a request following a strong referral. Please first explore ways to be referred to me or Pique Ventures by someone in our network or community.


For more impact investing tools, check out Integrated Investing: Impact Investing with Head, Heart, Body, and Soul, available at all major online book retailers.

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