We are available for consulting opportunities to help investors, organizations, and business leaders achieve impact and returns by making more compassionate decisions. Bonnie helps organizations analyze future scenarios, connect the dots, and spot patterns. She leverages her skills in strategic planning, initiating projects, catalyzing change, communicating information, and influencing decisions to help investors and entrepreneurs prepare for the future.

Some of the projects we recently worked on:

  • Helping an emerging cleantech and climate action fund reach their ideal investors and advising on their investor outreach strategy and communications.
  • Delivered workshops presenting the opportunities and challenges of socially responsible and impact investing.
  • Part of a consortium proposing to create a digitized resource to help entrepreneurs in the digital economy find and access capital and investment suitable to their ventures.

How we can help you and some of our past engagements:

  • Review your current venture portfolio, diagnose impact and investment performance challenges, and provide advice on how to improve performance (including impact, diversity, governance, and growth strategies).
  • Deliver impact investing workshops to your community, drawing from tools and resources from Integrated Investing, including finding your “why” (why invest in the first place), developing your investment thesis, and integrated decision-making.
  • Deliver capital raising workshops to your community, including finding venture-investor market fit, developing your investor avatar, and building investment relationships.
  • VC-as-a-startup, helping organizations and fund sponsors develop new impact venture funds, using our proprietary 5-part Fund Development Model.


Growing & Managing Assets

Specializing in hands-on asset management, structured financial services, and alternative investments, Pique Ventures is a trusted partner to investors, CEOs, and business leaders. We launch and manage alternative investment funds and manage operating businesses opportunistically.

Current Assets Under Management

Pique Ventures manages Pique Fund, an inclusive angel fund focused on leadership diversity.

Previous Projects

Pique Ventures advised leaders and organizations to develop new funds and alternative investment initiatives. We employed an entrepreneurial approach to fund development and launch, which enabled our partners to work to their strengths. We helped leaders allocate capital efficiently and effectively on keys areas of the fund development and launch experience.

Companies that we have worked with in the past:

“Sunshine Coast Credit Union was looking for ways to provide investment vehicles under our product suite that fulfilled our members’ appetite for local investment and a higher return. Pique Ventures, specifically Bonnie, provided information and expertise to the SCCU leadership team so we could confidently explore this concept. SCCU was specifically interested in working with Pique because of the valuable experience Bonnie could bring to the table, in addition to our aligned organizational values. ?Any business looking to work with a dynamic, forward looking, values based company would benefit from the expertise and innovation provide by Pique Ventures”

– Dawn Bezaire, CFO, Sunshine Coast Credit Union

“At Invoke Labs we hired Bonnie to help us in the formation of an Invoke Fund in support of the accelerator part of the business. We hired Bonnie based on her experience working with fund instruments, her ability to work with investors, and her global network. In working with Bonnie, we found that her ability to focus on investors goals and desired outcomes was invaluable to our experience. The result of this work was an approach that immediately attracted multiple investors to our fund.”

– Keith Ippel, CEO, Spring Activator, former Managing Director, Invoke Labs

Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Whether as an investor in Pique Fund, as a partner of Pique Ventures, or through the practice of Integrated Investing, we help people invest to help create a better world.

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Pique Ventures enables a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing. Whether as an investor in Pique Fund, through Pique Ventures' services, or through the practice of Integrated Investing, we help people invest to help create a better world.