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I have been reflecting upon abundance lately.

Investing comes from a place of abundance.  An abundant investor believes “there is more where that came from”.  She is abundant with experience that can be shared – perhaps she has been on a similar journey as that of an entrepreneur innovating an idea into business reality.  Or she is abundant with expertise from her field of study, work, or lived experience.  Or she abundant with relationships, a network, and connections that know her, trust her, and champion her – and then the abundance amplifies.

Someone operating from a place of scarcity believes “there is not enough to go around”.  She is isolated and lacks connection to the surrounding resources.  She may lack knowledge or the awareness of what resources she has within her – that may be within reach.  A person in scarcity may barely be able or know how to invest in herself, let alone invest in others.

An abundant investor knows what resources are available to her, how to access them, and is ready and willing to share them with others.