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Over the past 6-7 months, we’ve been exploring and examining many business models and systems in the investment world.  What we discovered is that an investment ecosystem exists and there are four essential components for an investment ecosystem to thrive.

The Essential Parts of the Investment Ecosystem

  • A network where investors, entrepreneurs, and other people in the ecosystem get a chance to meet and make social connections.
  • A capacity building organization that channels resources to help entrepreneurs learn and develop – including tools such as lean startup and business modelling and skills such as communication, design, and technology.
  • An investment vehicle or fund which invests or co-invests in enterprises, providing the “energy” to keep the economic flow happening in the ecosystem.
  • A physical place where people can connect, meet, gather, and carry out these activities.
Pique Ventures is part of this ecosystem – we are an investor network and we will be connecting investors with entrepreneurs and each other.

This graphic first appeared on Bonnie Foley-Wong’s blog and has been recently updated.