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I have been working with a business coach since Autumn last year to help me through my transition into entrepreneurship.  Lisa Princic of Changemakers Toolbox is awesome.  She creates openness and is assertive.  She has a beautiful skill of checking in, asking questions, asking more questions to go deeper still, and then she enables me to reveal truths that unblock barriers to my personal and professional development.

In a recent session, I felt challenged, not knowing exactly what was keeping me from feeling confident about the place I am now with my new business.  I’m recently married so I have the challenge of finding success in my new business as well as being the good partner that I want to be to my husband.  Lisa helped me get to the root of things and it was like a weight was lifted off my back.

And then one of the key revelations was about my leadership style.  I aim to be assertive and inclusive, but sometimes it comes out wishy washy, then agressive.  I realized that I’m like that in leadership situations with my work.  Those are the unleadership moments I’m least proud of.  Sometimes I’m like that when I’ve tried to persuade my husband of something.  Lisa suggested I write a new leadership story.  This is such a true and useful exercise and visioning tool – in order to learn and adapt, I need to envisage the behaviours and actions we want to have in the future.  I need to write a new story and step into that vision.  I imagine a leadership style for myself that leads with assertiveness and inclusivity, follows with passion and patience, and is wrapped up with assertiveness once again.  I’ve written it down and circled it – it’s the first step to putting it into practice.