Pique Ventures helps impact investors make more effective,  efficient and integrated investment decisions. We manage Pique Venture Investments (VCC), an impact investment fund where you can make a difference with your investment dollars, in the company of other like-minded people. We also provide products and services such as venture evaluation, due diligence, and fund initiation and development services to impact investors.

We have a vision of truly blended financial and non-financial returns and encourage the well-being of our stakeholders and communities through our investment activities.

We believe investing in leadership diversity will deliver greater returns to investors. We espouse Integrated Investing – an investment methodology we developed that integrates investment analysis, lean startup methods, and our own impact evaluation tools, such as the Access to Essential Resources matrix. Integrated Investing is built on  investment decision-making that integrates analysis, emotion, body, and intuition.

Experienced investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and business executives are invited to explore Integrated Investing opportunities with Pique Venture Investments (VCC).

If you are new to venture investing and exploring the emerging field of impact investing, find out more about our Integrated Investor Education.

The company of people impact investing in an integrated way.